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Stress Away Aroma Blend

Rs 1,830.00

Pigmented Skin For Oily Combination

Rs 4,680.00

Kid’s Luxurious Bath Ritual

Rs 1,600.00

Head To Toe Oil Treatment Regime

Rs 4,630.00

Dry Skin & Hair Savior Diy Blend

Rs 3,060.00

Decongestion Aroma Blend

Rs 2,950.00

Cleansing Toning Moisturizing Routine Oily Combination Skin Type

Rs 5,810.00

Cleansing Toning Moisturizing Routine Normal-Dry Skin Type

Rs 5,810.00

Body Massage Spa Kit

Rs 4,120.00

Bath & Body Travel Set

Rs 5,780.00

Age Defying DIY Blend

Rs 2,850.00

Kesar Radiance Anti Blemish & Detan Formula (Ubtan & Activator Bundle) (for Men) (normal-dry Skin)

Rs 1,880.00