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Cocoa & Manjistha Sugar Lip Scrub Intensly Softening Lip Polish (all Skin Types)

This Softening Lip Scrub, Not Only Exfoliates & Sloughes Away Rough , Dry Skin With Cacao & Manjistha Extracts, but Also Potent Herbs & Essential Oils Mulethi,helicrysum, Petitgrain & Ylang Ylang Evens Out Uneven Colour of the Lips Making it Smooth, Soft & Even.

Panchmeva Skin Polishing Body Scrub Powder Nourishing Wrap & Polish With 5 Dry Fruit Kernels (all Skin Types)

Panchmeva Skin Polishing Body Scrub Gently Removes Dead Cells & Rejuvenetes Skin Cells. it Deeply Penetrates the Skin, Detoxifies & Re-energises the Skin to Impart a Youthful & Fresh Look. Moisturising Properties of Natural Cold Pressed Oils Help in Cell Regeneration. Ayurvedic Blend of Potent Herbs Which Are Rich in Anti-oxidant Properties, Thus it Prevents Skin Damage That Occur Due to Toxins, Stress, Pollutant That Cause Pre-matured Ageing of the Skin. Regular Use of This Polisher Gives a Radiant Skin With Ultra-rich Smoothness.

Gotu Kola Fairing Body Wash Mild Foaming Powder Body Cleanser (all Skin Types)

Gotu Kola Fairing Body Wash Is a Sulphate Free Clenaser. It's a Powerful Blend of Natural Herbs, Cold Pressed Oils & Steam Distilled Essential Oils. the Rich Formulation Is Blended With Natural & Mild Cleansing Herbs to Delicately Cleanse the Skin. it Also Repairs & Heals the Skin by Preventing it from the Harmful Effects of Free Radicals. the Finely Milled Herbs Provide Deep Cleansing & Brightening the Complexion by Gently Removing Dead Cells & Impurities Thereby, Revealing a Beautifully Polished & Glowing Skin.

Crushed Coffee & Tonka Bean Sugar Body Scrub Exfoliating Formula for Blemish Free & Luminous Skin (all Skin Types)

This Ultra Luxurious & Exfoliating Scrub Is Packed With Antioxidants Your Skin Will Love.the Coffee Beans Are Grounded to Perfection Which Helps Tighten Skin & Pores, Reducing the Appearance of Cellulite, Giving Your Skin a Luminous Glow & Even Tone. Tonka Bean Oil Acts as a Skin Brightener, Anti Aging & Skin Even Toning. Baobab & Argan Oil Helps Provides Vit A,d,e,& F Which Rejuvenates Damaged / Dry Skin.

Indian Rose & Red Sandalwood Sugar Face Scrub Luxurious Polish for Silky Smooth Glass Skin (all Skin Types)

This Premium Facial Scrub With Natural Moisturisers Including Cane Sugar,baobab Oil,jojoba & Argan Oil Smoothen the Skin. the Fine Particles of Cane Sugar , Red Sandalwood.indian Rose & Unsaturated Fatty Acids Melt the Deeply Rooted Black Heads & Sebum in the Pores, as Well as Extracts of Lodhra & Nagarmotha Helps Lighten Marks & Uneven Skin Tone Making it Silky Smooth,clear & Glowing !