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Volcanic Lava Clay & Haridra Foaming Body Cleanser Deep Cleansing Mineral Clay Shower Gel (all Skin Types) – 200ml

This Deep Cleansing & High in Minerals Lava Clay Based Natural Body Cleanser Gives Our Skin the Much Needed Boost of Nourishment With Haridra Extract,natural Cleansing from Clay Which Removes Deep Seated Dirt & Dead Cells from the Surface of the Skin Without Drying It. Steam Distilled Frangipani,jasmine,lily Essential Oils Makes it a Luxurious Experiance.

Luxurious Imperial Oudh Body Cleanser Hydrating & Uplifting Shower Gel (all Skin Types) – 200ml

Luxurious Imperial Oudh Body Cleanser Is a Blend of Imperial Oudhwood Essential Oil, Potent Herb Extract, Brings Immense Luxury, Nourishment to the Skin. the Vitamins Help Rejuvenate While Aloe Vera Natural Glycerine Drench the Skin With Moisture.

Shvet Chandan & Saffron Body Cleanser Invigorating & Calming Shower Gel (all Skin Types) – 200ml

Herbs Like Gokhru and Bala Prevents the Effect of Pre Radicals on the Skin, Neem & Aloe Vera Has Anti-inflammatory & Ant-oxidant Properties, Saffron Has a Skin Brightening Effect While Sandalwood Helps in Having a Calming & Cooling Effect on the Skin.

Black Sesame Oil Deep Tissue, pain Relief Massage Oil (all Skin Types) – 200ml

This Intensely Rich & Concentrated Body Massage Oil Blended With Precious Herbs, Immediately Gets Absorbed Into the Skin. Herbs Like Renuka Are a Potent Pain Killer Due to Its Anti-inflammatory Properties. Eucalyptus Is Effective for Healing Muscular Aches Being Clarifying & Refreshing. Cold Pressed Oils Like Mustard, Black Sesame, Wintergreen, Deodhar, Removes Toxins, Excess Water Retention from the Body. it Removes Excess Heat, Leaving the Body Cool & Relaxed.

Carrot Seed After Shower Oil Light, nourishing & Quick Absorbing Body Oil (all Skin Types) – 200ml

Carrot Seed After Shower Body Oil Is a Very Rich Blend of Herbs, Steam Distilled Essential Oils & Cold Pressed Oils Like Carrot Seeds, Sweet Almond, Apricot Which Provides Nourishment, Natural Hydration as Well as Revitalizes & Improves Elasticity, While Pomegranate Tones Skin.

Pink Grapefruit Body Sculpting Massage Oil Figure Correction & Inch Loss (all Skin Types) – 200ml

Pink Grapefruit Body Sculpting Oil Contains Warm & Enriching Properties of Selected Herbs That Help in Inch Loss & Toning. Along With the Powerful Blend of Pure Steam Distilled Essential Oils, This Oil Works by Heating the Surrounding Area Which Stimulates Blood & Lymph Flow & Turns Fat Into Fatty Acid & Is Carried Away by the Blood Lymph Nodes. it Prevents Superticial Fat Accumulation, Removes Excess Water Retention, Firms & Tones the Skin. for Faster Results, Combine Light Exercises & Diet Control.

Tulsi Panchang Luminous Body Massage Oil Complexion Even Toning & De-tan (all Skin Types) – 200ml

This Intensely Rich & Concentrated Body Massage Oil Blended With Precious Herbs, Immediately Gets Absorbed Into the Skin, Leaving it Beautifully Toned, Supple, Firm, Fair & Glowing. Herb Like Dhurva Is a Very Effective Complexion Enhanser, Saffron Events Out Skin Tone, Colour & Gives the Skin a Healthy Glow. Cold Pressed Sesame Oil Provides Essential Nourishment & Also Possesses Anti-oxidant & Anti-depressant Properties.

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