Head To Toe Oil Treatment Regime


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Roots & Herbs Head To Toe Oil Treatment Regime (Twice/ Week)


49 Herbs Hair Oil (Miracle Scalp & Hair Oil)


49 Herbs Miracle Hair Food Is Like A Well-Balanced Nutritious Meal For The Hair & Scalp. Its Active Herbs Like Bhringraj, Hibiscus Flower, Brahmi, Jatamansi, Triphala Are Renowned For Strengthening The Roots, Keep Hair Healthy & Shiny,Prevents Hair Breakage, Hairfall & Dandruff As Well As Improves Its Overall Texture.

Method of application

Take Required Quantity & Massage Gently On Scalp. For Better Absorption Of Hair Food, Leave Preferably Overnight Or Wrap Scalp With Hot Towel For Thirty Minutes, Wash & Rinse.

Tulsi Panchang Luminous Skin Body Massage Oil (De Tanning & Complexion Even Toning)


This Intensely Rich & Concentrated Body Massage Oil Blended With Precious Herbs, Immediately Gets Absorbed Into The Skin, Leaving It Beautifully Toned, Supple, Firm, Fair & Glowing. Herb Like Dhurva Is A Very Effective Complexion Enhancer, Saffron Evens Out Skin Tone, Colour & Gives The Skin A Healthy Glow. Cold Pressed Sesame Oil Provides Essential Nourishment & Also Possesses Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Depressant Properties.

Method of application

Use To Massage All Over The Body With Gently But Firm Stroke. Leave Preferably For An Hour Before A Bath For Maximum Absorption Of Nutrients.

Carrot Seed After Shower Oil (Light Hydrating Body Serum)


Carrot Seed After Shower Body Oil Is A Very Rich Blend Of Herbs, Steam Distilled Essential Oils & Cold Pressed Oils Like Carrot Seeds, Sweet Almond, Apricot Which Provides Nourishment, Natural Hydration As Well As Revitalizes & Improves Elasticity, While Pomegranate Tones Skin.

Method of application

Use On Wet Skin In The Shower, After Cleansing, To Seal Moisture On The Body Or Pour 2 Caps Full Into Warm Bath Water.


Are the oils in this regime suitable for all skin and hair types?

Yes, the oils in the Head To Toe Oil Treatment Regime are formulated to be suitable for all skin and hair types. They are free from harmful additives and are made with natural ingredients to ensure gentle and effective results for everyone.

Is the Head To Toe Oil Treatment Regime safe during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

As with any new product, it is essential to consult with your healthcare provider before using the Head To Toe Oil Treatment Regime during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. While the oils are natural, individual reactions may vary, and it’s best to ensure safety for you and your baby.

Are there any added fragrances or synthetic chemicals in the oils?

No, the Head To Toe Oil Treatment Regime is free from added fragrances, synthetic chemicals, and harsh preservatives. The oils are formulated with natural ingredients and essential oils to provide a pleasant and refreshing aroma.


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*As our products are made with natural ingredients and made in small batches, there may be slight variations in their colour and fragrance.