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Stress Away Aroma Blend


Restful Sleep Aroma Blend

Roots & Herbs “Restful Sleep” Aroma Blend 1 Lavender Essential Oil  [6 Drops] Benefits -Lavender Essential Oil Is The Most

Dry Skin & Hair Savior Diy Blend


Decongestion Aroma Blend


Age Defying DIY Blend


Tea Tree Essential Oil Pure Steam Distilled

Tea Tree Is a Super Pimple Curing Oil Which Also Prevents Repeated Occurrence of Acne. it Lightens Pigmentation, Reduces Skin Redness & Hydrates Without Making the Skin Oily. Its Really Good for Enhancing Hair Growth & Retard Hairfall.

Rosemary Essential Oil Pure Steam Distilled

Rosemary Essential Oil Has Natural Antiseptic Properties. it Helps in Rapid Skin Cell Renewal Giving Your Skin All That Timely Repair & Maintainence it Needs. This Oil Is Excellent in Promoting Hair Growth & Prevents Pre-mature Greying .

Peppermint Essential Oil Pure Steam Distilled

Peppermint Essential Oil Is One of the Most Widely Used Oil for Toning ,which Gives the Skin an Uplifted Effect. it Replaces the Damaged & Aging Skin With Natural Collagen to Give Your Skin the Youthful Glow .it Is Also Great for Relaxing Headaches & Joint Pains.

Lemongrass Essential Oil Pure Steam Distilled

A Few Drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil Helps Achieve a Flawless Skin. it Is Also Used as Body Massage Oil to Reduce Stress, as Well as it Increases the Skin's Immunity to Fight the Daily Enviromental Aggressions .

Lavender Essential Oil Pure Steam Distilled

Lavender Essential Oil Is the Most Versatile of All Oils. it Calms Down Skin Inflammation, Soothes the Skin Surface & Leaves a Moisturised Effect. it Can Also Be Massaged With Carrier Oil to Prevent Dandruff.

Lemon Essential Oil Pure Steam Distilled

Lemon Essential Oil Erases Out All Acne Problems & Helps Prevent Them from Reoccuring. it Can Remove Black Heads & Deeply Cleanses the Skin Pores. When Used on the Scalp it Helps Clear Dandruff .

Geranium Essential Oil Pure Steam Distilled

Geranium Essential Oil Is Known for Maintaining Skin Balance . it Rapidly Repairs the Damaged Cells & Very Highly Recommended for Anti Aging Properties. it Provides an Even Tone to the Skin. it Is Also Good for Balancing Naturally Oily Scalp.