Body Massage Spa Kit


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Roots & Herbs Body Massage Spa Kit


Pink Grapefruit Body Sculpting Massage Oil (Figure Correction & Inch Loss)


This Oil Contains Warm & Enriching Properties Of Selected Herbs That Help In Inch Loss & Toning. Along With The Powerful Blend Of Pure Steam Distilled Essential Oils, This Oil Works By Heating The Surrounding Area Which Stimulates Blood & Lymph Flow & Turns Fat Into Fatty Acid & Is Carried Away By The Blood Lymph Nodes. It Prevents Superficial Fat Accumulation, Removes Excess Water Retention, Firms & Tones The Skin. For Faster Results, Combine Light Exercises & Diet Control.

Method of application

Take Required Quantity & Massage All Over The Body Or On Specific Areas Till It Gets Completely Absorbed. For Better Results, Leave It On Atleast For An Hour Before Showering. Can Be Left Overnight As Well. Continuous Use For 6-8 Weeks Along With Light Exercise & Diet Will Bring Noticeable Difference.

Tulsi Panchang Luminous Body Massage Oil (De Tanning & Complexion Even Toning)


This Intensely Rich & Concentrated Body Massage Oil Blended With Precious Herbs, Immediately Gets Absorbed Into The Skin, Leaving It Beautifully Toned, Supple, Firm, Fair & Glowing. Herb Like Dhurva Is A Very Effective Complexion Enhancer, Saffron Evens Out Skin Tone, Colour & Gives The Skin A Healthy Glow. Cold Pressed Sesame Oil Provides Essential Nourishment & Also Possesses Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Depressant Properties.

Method of application

Warm Oil (Optional). Use To Massage All Over The Body With Gently But Firm Stroke. Leave Preferably For An Hour Before A Bath For Maximum Absorption Of Nutrients.
As Required

Black Sesame Body Massage Oil (Deep Tissue Relaxation & Pain Relief Oil)


This Intensely Rich & Concentrated Body Massage Oil Blended With Precious Herbs, Immediately Gets Absorbed Into The Skin. Herbs Like Renuka Are A Potent Pain Killer Due To Its Anti-Inflammatory Properties. Eucalyptus Is Effective For Healing Muscular Aches Being Clarifying & Refreshing. Cold Pressed Oils Like Mustard, Black Sesame, Wintergreen, Deodhar, Removes Toxins, Excess Water Retention From The Body. It Removes Excess Heat, Leaving The Body Cool & Relaxed.

Method of application

Warm Oil (Optional). Massage All Over The Body Or Specific Areas With Gentle But Firm Strokes. Leave Preferably For An Hour Before A Bath For Maximum Absorption Of Nutrients.

Tea Tree No Blemish Body Wash (Foaming Herb Based, Powder Body Cleanser)


This Is A Sulfate Free Foaming Cleanser. It’s A Powerful Blend Of Natural Herbs. Cold Pressed Oils & Steam Distilled Essential Oil. The Rich Formulation Is Blended With Natural & Mild Cleansing Herbs To Delicately Clean The Skin. It Has Antiseptic, Anti-Bacterial Properties Which Repairs & Heals The Skin By Preventing It From The Harmful Effects Of Free Radicals. The Finely Milled Herbs Provide Deep Cleansing & Brightening The Complexion By Gently Removing Dead Cells & Impurities, Thereby, Revealing A Beautiful Polished & Glowing Skin.

Method of application

Mix With Water To Form A Smooth Thin Paste. Work Up A Lather & Apply All Over The Body On Damp Skin, Massage Gently & Rinse Off.


What does the Body Massage Spa Kit include?

The Body Massage Spa Kit includes three massage oils specially formulated for different purposes and one luxurious body wash to complement your spa experience.

Are the massage oils suitable for all skin types?

Yes, the massage oils in the Body Massage Spa Kit are carefully crafted to be suitable for all skin types. However, we recommend doing a patch test before using them extensively, especially if you have extremely sensitive skin or any known allergies.

Can I use the massage oils for self-massage, or do I need a partner for the massage?

Absolutely! The massage oils are designed for both self-massage and partner massage. You can easily apply the oil on your body and indulge in a soothing self-massage, or you can have a loved one massage it into your skin.

Are the products in the kit made from natural ingredients?

Yes, we take pride in using natural ingredients in all our products. The massage oils and body wash in the Body Massage Spa Kit are made from a blend of natural oils and botanical extracts to provide you with a premium and skin-friendly experience.


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*As our products are made with natural ingredients and made in small batches, there may be slight variations in their colour and fragrance.