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Roots & Herbs Bath & Body Travel Set


Volumizing Jatamansi Hair Cleanser (Sulfate Free Naturally Voluminous & Silky Locks)


Voluminising Jatamansi Mild Hair Shampoo Is Enriched With Jatamansi & Methi Extracts Along With Other Potent Herbs & Essential Oils. It Rejuvenates The Hair Follicles While You Enjoy The Natural Fragrance Of The Essential Oils. It Is A Mild Hair Cleanser & Can Be Used Everyday, Without Depleting The Scalp From Its Natural Oils.

Method of application

Take A Small Quantity & Massage Into Wet Hair. Rinse Well, Use Once Again If Required. Follow Up With Conditioner.

Volumizing Jatamansi Hair Conditioner (Naturally Smoothening & Sheen Therapy)


Volumizing Jatamansi Hair Conditioner Is A Blend Of Powerful Herbs, Cold Pressed Oils & Steam Distilled Essential Oils. If It Is The First Time You Are Using A Silicone Free Conditioner, You Might Feel A Difference In Which It Spreads On Your Hair. Lucious Jabapushp Mild Hair Conditioner Truly Deep Conditions Your Hair From Within Making It Frizz Free & Shiny. Without Weighing It Down.

Method of application

Rinse Freshly Washed Hair. Apply Along The Length Of The Hair & Leave For A Few Minutes. Rinse Well Till Water Runs Clear.

Shwet Chandan Body Cleanser (Invigorating & Calming Shower Gel)


Herbs Like Gokhru And Bala Prevents The Effect Of Free Radicals On The Skin, Neem & Aloe Vera Has Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Oxidant Properties, Saffron Has A Skin Brightening Effect While Sandalwood Helps In Having A Calming & Cooling Effect On The Skin.

Method of application

Pour Required Amount Of The Body Cleanser Onto A Loofah Or Pouf & Work It Into A Rich Lather. Gently Massage All Over Your Body & Rinse.

Carrot Seed After Shower Oil (Light Hydrating Body Serum)


Carrot Seed After Shower Body Oil Is A Very Rich Blend Of Herbs, Steam Distilled Essential Oils & Cold Pressed Oils Like Carrot Seeds, Sweet Almond, Apricot Which Provides Nourishment, Natural Hydration As Well As Revitalizes & Improves Elasticity, While Pomegranate Tones Skin.

Method of application

Use On Wet Skin In The Shower, After Cleansing, To Seal Moisture On The Body Or Pour 2 Caps Full Into Warm Bath Water.

Lucious Murumuru Butter, Cinnamon & Blood Orange Cold Process Gourmet Cleansing Bar


This Gourmet Soap Has Used The 5000 Year Old Traditional Method Of Cold Process ,From Scratch, Hand Churned All Exotic & Skin Loving Oils & Butters. Cured For 6 Weeks Highly Conditioning,Deeply Nourishing , 100% Natural Making A Monotonous Bath Routine “A Beautiful Luxurious Ritual” !

Method of application

Wet Skin, Gently Work Up A Foamy Lather Preferably With A Loofah. Rinse Off.


Are the products in the Bath & Body Travel Set suitable for all hair and skin types?

Yes, the hair cleanser, hair conditioner, and body cleanser in the travel set are formulated to be suitable for all hair and skin types. They are crafted with gentle and nourishing ingredients that cater to a wide range of needs.

How often should I use the hair cleanser and hair conditioner during my travels?

For the best results, we recommend using the hair cleanser and hair conditioner as you would in your regular hair care routine. Use the hair cleanser to wash your hair and follow up with the hair conditioner to keep it smooth and manageable.

Are the bottles in the travel set leak-proof?

Yes, the bottles in the Bath & Body Travel Set are designed to be leak-proof to prevent any spills and make them perfect for travel.


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*As our products are made with natural ingredients and made in small batches, there may be slight variations in their colour and fragrance.