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Dry Skin & Hair Savior Diy Blend


Age Defying DIY Blend


Jojoba Carrier Oil Pure & Cold Pressed

The Composition of This Oil Is Closest to Our Natural Sebum & Can Be Used to Completely Clear Acne Prone & Chapped Skin. Fights Pre-mature Ageing & Gives Your Skin a Complete 360 Degrees Can Help Your Hair Cells to Reproduce Themselves & Stop Hairfall.

Rosehip Carrier Oil Pure & Cold Pressed

This Oil Is a Super Food for the Skin & Will Help Achieving That Youthful Look. Rosehip Oil Eradicates Fine Lines , Wrinkles & Dullness as it Promotes Regenaration of Skin.

Pomegranate Carrier Oil Pure & Cold Pressed

This Pomegranate Seed Facial Oil Is the Perfect Skin Guard as it Keeps Working Within the Skin Layers to Improve Your Skin's Elasticity. it Is the Best Night Skin Serum to Repair Your Skin from Daily Damages Faced. it Improves the Skin Texture & Provides That Radiant Glow.

Neem Carrier Oil Pure & Cold Pressed

Pure Neem Oil, Though Might Not Have All That Pleasant Aroma However, Has Extraordinary Skin & Hair Nourishing Benefits. it Nourishes Deep Into the Skin & Hair Shaft With Its Antiseptic, Anti Inflammatory Properties. it Also Promotes Hair Growth & Fades Scars , Wrinkles as Well as Treats Acne.

Avocado Carrier Oil Pure & Cold Pressed

Pure Avocado Oil Boosts Collagen in the Skin. Its a Nature's Boon for Your Skin & Hair .bans the Tan by Giving a Clear & Bright Can Also Be Used to Massage Your Scalp for Healthy Re-growth & Achieve Fuller Tresses.

Carrot Seed Carrier Oil Pure & Cold Pressed

This Oil Helps in Removing Tan & Fight the Damages from the Sun as Its a Natural Sun Block. Carrotseed Oil Is Enriched With the Best Healing Properties That Restores Damaged Skin Cells & Promotes Cell Renewal.

Argan Carrier Oil Pure & Cold Pressed

This Miracle Oil Rebuilds Natural Collagen in Your Skin. it Provides a Moisture Lock Into the Skin for Nourished, hydrated & Younger Looking Skin. Argan Oil Also Boosts Hair Growth & Adds a Lustrous Shine to the Tresses.