Sacred Metal Kansa Wand Natural Botox & Detoxification Treatment (ayurvedic Facial Massager)


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The Magical Sacred Metal of This Kansa Wand Works Like a Natural Botox by Lifting Skin & Visibly Reducing Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Helps With Facial Detoxification, Releases Toxins, Pulls Acidity from Deep Facial Tissues, reduces Puffiness, revitalizes Complexion, Eliminates Lymph Stagnation & Balances the Ph of the Skin for That Royal Glow





INGREDIENTS: Wood and copper cap


1. Third eye chakra

Make firm circular motions from between the brows & then going out to both sides of the forehead

2. Around the eye area

Starting from the under eye & work your way out to the temple in circular motion, then going around the eye

3. Cheeks

Targeting marma points all over the face ,next is the cheek area from both sides of the bridge of your nose.

4. Chin & Jawlines

Start from your chin with circular motions & work your way up , lifting the jawlines.

5. Neck area

Work the wand from bottom to up of your neck.


The magical sacred metal of this kansa wand works like a natural botox by lifting skin & visibly reducing fine lines & wrinkles, helps with facial detoxification, releases toxins, pulls acidity from deep facial tissues, reduces puffiness revitalises complexion, eliminates lymph stagnation & balances the ph of the skin for that royal glow ! As ” kansa” begins to draw out inflammation & toxins , there might be a greying effect visible during or after the massage . Which is a sign that the acidity, is being released when the metal combines with the body’s electromagnetic system. Though this might not happen to everyone, if it occurs, just wipe it off with a soft tissue & continue with the massage.
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