Nutmeg Under Eye Tailam Intensive Treatment for Dark Circles & Fine Lines (all Skin Types)

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Brightening Nutmeg (+) Under Eye Tailam Is Based on Ayurvedic Formulation. it Is Crafted for Protection & Rejuvenation of the Under Eye Area. the Revitalizing Formula in the Form of Oil Is Highly Enriched With Potent Herbs That Helps Lighten the Dark Circles, Nourishes, Firms & Tones the Sensitive Area Around the Eyes as Well as Maintains Elasticity & Reduces the Appearance of Dry, Dehydrated Lines & Puffiners

Roots & Herbs brings you Nutmeg Under eye Nourishment Oil , which is ideal to be used every day. It is made with a perfect combination of potent natural herbs and is being offered fully vegan. This natural treatment skin care product can be used by both men and women.


Cucumber, Ghritakumari, Manjistha, Dumur, Amlaki, Baheda, Satapatri, Yavani, Jaiphal, Methi, Dhania, Papaya, Durva, Camphor, Almond Oil, Carrot Oil, Vitamin E Acetate, Wheat Germ Oil, B.H.T., Pomegranate Oil, Apricot Oil, Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil, Cypress Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Sesame Oil.

Skin Type: For the delicate areas around the eyes, dark circles, fine lines dehydration.

Application: Take the required quantity of this under eye nourishment oil and massage around the eyes in clock / anti-clockwise motion till it gets slightly absorbed.

Frequency: This oil for normal skin can be applied everyday. It can be left for 1/2 hr to max 2 hrs. Do not leave overnight. Continuous use fore 6-8 weeks will bring a noticeable difference. Nutmeg Oil is obtained by steam distillation extraction method of Myristica fragrance seeds originated in India. It is Pure & Natural, Authentic Essential Oil. Our Nutmeg Oil is not tested on Animals. We care for you. Nutmeg Oil helps in deep nourishment of the skin and promotes healthy and naturally radiant skin. It is perfect solution to all kinds of skin and gives it a youthful, energetic and charming finish.

Mix it with your favourite moisturizer for best results. It works wonders on both oily and dry hair. It cleans and soothes the hair giving a cooling sensation. It gives smooth, shiny and nourished hair strand leaving a refreshing aroma. Mix with carrier oil and gently massage on to scalp to get amazing hair.

Dimensions 16 × 11 × 9 cm



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