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Manjistha Rebalancing Face Wash Lep Mild Foaming Powder Facial Cleanser (oily -combination Skin)

This Sls / Sles Free Nourishing Face Wash or Lep Not Only Cleanses but Packs in Herbs, Flowers, Roots, Barks Blended & Prepared to the Right Consistency. Steam Distilled Essential Oils Protect the Skin from Damage, Absorb Impurities from the Skin Pores, Replenish Skin Moisture. Manjistha Rebalancing Face Wash Powder Has Natural Cleansing Herbs Like Amla Which Delicately Cleans the Skin. the Finely Milled Herbs Brightens the Complexion by Gently Removing the Dead Cells & Impurities by Exfoliating, Revealing a Beautifully Polished & Glowing Skin.