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Peppermint Essential Oil Pure Steam Distilled

Peppermint Essential Oil Is One of the Most Widely Used Oil for Toning ,which Gives the Skin an Uplifted Effect. it Replaces the Damaged & Aging Skin With Natural Collagen to Give Your Skin the Youthful Glow .it Is Also Great for Relaxing Headaches & Joint Pains.

Lemongrass Essential Oil Pure Steam Distilled

A Few Drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil Helps Achieve a Flawless Skin. it Is Also Used as Body Massage Oil to Reduce Stress, as Well as it Increases the Skin's Immunity to Fight the Daily Enviromental Aggressions .

Lavender Essential Oil Pure Steam Distilled

Lavender Essential Oil Is the Most Versatile of All Oils. it Calms Down Skin Inflammation, Soothes the Skin Surface & Leaves a Moisturised Effect. it Can Also Be Massaged With Carrier Oil to Prevent Dandruff.

Avocado Carrier Oil Pure & Cold Pressed

Pure Avocado Oil Boosts Collagen in the Skin. Its a Nature's Boon for Your Skin & Hair .bans the Tan by Giving a Clear & Bright Can Also Be Used to Massage Your Scalp for Healthy Re-growth & Achieve Fuller Tresses.

Lemon Essential Oil Pure Steam Distilled

Lemon Essential Oil Erases Out All Acne Problems & Helps Prevent Them from Reoccuring. it Can Remove Black Heads & Deeply Cleanses the Skin Pores. When Used on the Scalp it Helps Clear Dandruff .

Geranium Essential Oil Pure Steam Distilled

Geranium Essential Oil Is Known for Maintaining Skin Balance . it Rapidly Repairs the Damaged Cells & Very Highly Recommended for Anti Aging Properties. it Provides an Even Tone to the Skin. it Is Also Good for Balancing Naturally Oily Scalp.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Uplifts the Skin & Gives a Flawless Skin Texture. it Is Good for Acne Prone Skin as it Clears All Pimple Causing Bacteria. This Oil Is a Perfect Hair Moisturiser & Nourisher for Dry & Frizzy Hair. it Even Cures Itchy Scalp.

Clove Essential Oil

Clove Essential Oil Is Both Analgesic & Antibacterial. it Helps in Controlling Acne , Increasing Blood Flow Onto the Skin Making it Look Also Acts as a Pain Reliever During Toothache.

Citronella Essential Oil Pure Steam Distilled

Citronella Is the Best Insect/bacteria Repellent Oil Which Treats All Skin Allergies, Recurring Acne & Any Fungal Infection. it Is Highly Effective Even for Cracked Heels & Eradicates Other Fungal Infection on Feet. it Is Highly Effective in Eliminating Excessive Greasiness of Hair & Makes it Feel Smoother.

Carrot Seed Carrier Oil Pure & Cold Pressed

This Oil Helps in Removing Tan & Fight the Damages from the Sun as Its a Natural Sun Block. Carrotseed Oil Is Enriched With the Best Healing Properties That Restores Damaged Skin Cells & Promotes Cell Renewal.

Argan Carrier Oil Pure & Cold Pressed

This Miracle Oil Rebuilds Natural Collagen in Your Skin. it Provides a Moisture Lock Into the Skin for Nourished, hydrated & Younger Looking Skin. Argan Oil Also Boosts Hair Growth & Adds a Lustrous Shine to the Tresses.