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Dushmool Anti Dandruff Hair Lep 100% Natural & Effective Powder Hair Mask (for All Hair & Scalp Type )

This Intense Hair Mask Is Enriched With Dushmool & a Potent Blend of Powerful Herbs, Cold Pressed Oils & Steam Distilled Essential Oils, Which Are Well Known in Ayurveda for Playing a Key Role in Hair Health. They Provide Nourishment, Antiseptic Anti-bacterial Properties, Hydration, Toning the Scalp Resulting in Effectively Diminishing Dandruff, Killing Fungal Growth & Promoting Healthy Scalp & Hair.

Hibiscus Abundant Hair Lep 100% Natural Anti Hairfall Powder Hair Mask (for All Hair & Scalp Type )

Hibiscus Abundant Hair Lep Has the Finest Quality of Herbs to Arrest Premature Hair Loss, Promote the Growth of Healthy Hair Has Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal Properties Which Prevents the Scalp from Any Infection. Herbs Like Mulethi, Hibiscus, Cumin Tones the Scalp Hydrates, Promotes Hair Growth, Conditions, Strengthens & Improves Blood Circulation & Quality of Hair.