Mulethi Acne Clarifying Face Ubtan & Activator Kit

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This gentle product is composed of two parts, the Mulethi Masque and the Mulethi Activator, which work together to temporarily smooth and tone the skin on your face and neck which may have lost some of its firmness. Your skin's texture will also benefit from the toning effects of Mulethi Masque and Activator, giving you a smoother, younger look.
This mask has therapeutic properties and has a blend of antiseptic essential oils which helps curb any pimples, excess oil secretion and any pimple causing bacteria. The mask obviously helps in drying up the pimples and acne but we would like to work on the masks left behind. Not only that the other benefits one gets are: Removal of tan, makes skin fairer ( getting your original complexion back), removes dead skin and roughness, takes care of black and white heads, brings glow, evens out patchy uneven skin for pits and takes care of the rest of the problems.


Oily/ Combination/ pimple/ acne/ rashes

1 tbsp of mask with 3 - 5 pumps of activator to make a paste and apply neck upwards, face upwards and forehead sideways. Keep it on for 15 - 20 mins and splash water massage in areas which do not have pimples. Other areas that have pimple / acne just rinse the mask well and wait for few days till the pimples subside, then you can start massaging to take care of the marks left behind by the pimples.

Everyday initially till the face clears

100gms + 220ml

25 - 30 herbs, cold pressed oils and antiseptic oil blend.

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